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Amour Rose Boutique


 Warmest greetings to Everyone & Welcome to Amour Rose Boutique. Your online store, to meet all your Beauty needs ✨ . We were founded in spring of 2020 in Madison,

Wisconsin,USA. Our company Goal at Amour Rose Boutique is to embrace Culture, Religion, and BEAUTY!

 "My aspiration in life is to help women around the world embrace their natural beauty and gain more self-confidence with my all natural beauty products and fashionable clothing garments."

-C.E.O. 'Fanta"


"Since I was a little girl I always wanted to own my own Business and be fashion designer & Model someday." 

_CEO "Fanta" 

Our CEO always was Inspired since she was a young to go into the Business Fashion industry & become a fashion designer. Our CEO's vision was to finish College ,and then open a Business , but unforeseen circumstances caused the evolution of Amour Rose Boutique Spring 2020. That unforseen circumstances being that, on March 5th, 2020  our CEO was fired by  her former employer for wearing a hijab  in the workplace. Losing her job due to Religious Discrimination not only Inspired her to participate more actively in Women Empowerment & Muslim women groups, but it also Inspired our CEO to follow her dreams ,and rise above that discrimination by creating a brand that empowers women & helps them embrace their natural Beauty. 

"This unfortunate experience  INSPIRED me ✨  to stop working for others & become my own boss. I decided to chase my Dreams & open up  Amour Rose Boutique. I feel that if I work for myself so I won't have to encounter any more workplace discrimination situations in the future."

-C.E.O. "Fanta"



Our Company Mission is to provide extraordinary customer service, and  Great Quality Products & Services to all customers. At Amour Rose Boutique we strive to provide affordable Beauty products to embrace the natural beauty of Women Worldwide. We try our best to give back to the Worldwide community of Women by hosting occasional free giveaways. The Purpose of our giveaways is to show customers appreciation & also so that those that may not be able to afford a product can get a chance in still experiencing that product. 

Community Projects

Amour Rose Boutique has a Women Empowerment group page on Facebook  called "Amour la Femmes." The purpose  of this group is so that Women Worldwide have a judgement free, welcoming , and friendly environment to Connect, Share, and Support other women. Our vision for this group is to create a safe place where we can uplift each other as women &  have a place where we can offer eachother support & guidance  through difficult times & share positivity. A big part of this group is acceptance & equality. We want to ensure all group members are accepted for who they are ,and also create a sense of equality amongst one another as women.


We use all natural Organic ingredients in all of our skincare products. To craft our Organic Hair products we also use all natural organic ingredients. Our Lashes are Vegan  & 100% Faux Mink Lashes. This means that there is no animal fur ,or any sort of human hair used to make the lashes. Amour Rose Boutique is an animal friendly company and we don't intend to sell any  products made of animal fur.