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Amour Rose Blog

Our ongoing series of Informational entries are Updated periodically

      Our Latest Blog Entry

        September 1, 2020

Inspirational Quote

" Lets make it a September to remember" -unknown

I challenge all of you to set some short-term goals this month. Set your mind to accomplishing those goals. You can do anything you set your mind to,sky is the limit!!! Pray about it & Manifest it & speak those goals into existence.

-CEO, Fanta C.

Our Fifth Blog Entry

May 1, 2020

 Inspirational Quote

The first Day of a new month means no matter where you've been you get to start again. Lets Pray for a new month filled with new Beginnings, Blessings, & Breakthroughs."-Fanta C.

Our Fourth Blog Entry

April 23, 2020

 Inspirational Quote

"Be Strong now, because things will get better. It might be stormy now, but it can't rain forever."

I really like this Quote , and I think we can all relate to this quote in regards to the Corona-virus Pandemic. 

"Even though it might seem overwhelming and times are hard all we can do is be strong, pray & hope for a better tomorrow." -Fanta C.

      Our Third Blog Entry

        April 17 , 2020

  Faith & Religion

Did you know that Islam is the fastest growing Religion in the World ,and the second largest Religion in the World. A whooping 24% of the Worlds population is recorded as following the Islamic Faith! By 2060 the number of Muslims Worldwide is projected to grow by over 50%!

      Our Second Blog Entry

        April 16 , 2020

Animal Cruelty Awareness

Did you know that 100% Real Mink Lashes are made with Mink fur that has been shaved off a mink’s body on a fur farm. That fur is then glued on eyelash strands for a “fuller and thicker” look. Minks are the most commonly farmed fur-bearing animals in the world. They’re bred and slaughtered on fur farms around the world for their fur, and farmers often kill them in gas chambers. If you purchase a mink fur coat or a set of mink lashes, you’re supporting an industry in which animals endure immense fear, stress, disease, parasites, and other physical and psychological hardships. These are all reasons why at Amour Rose Boutique we sell Vegan 100% Faux Mink Lashes. All of our lashes are 100% synthetic and contain no hair collected from an animal or human being.

    Our First Blog Entry

      April 13, 2020


Inspirational Quote

"And One day she discovered that she was fierce, and Strong, and full of fire, and that not even she could hold herself back because her passion burned brighter than her fears."