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Amour Rose Boutique

Product Information


Starting at $14.99 USD

We carry unique, great Quality Jewelry & currently have beautiful necklaces in stock! We are going to be expanding our jewelry collection over the course of the next few weeks, so don't forget to subscribe to our emailing list on our Contact us page!


Starting at $7.99 USD

We carry 100% Faux Mink Vegan Lashes. We have over 10 different lovely lash styles in our Amour Lash Collection ! What are Vegan lashes? Vegan means a person that does not eat or use animal products. All of our lashes are 100% Faux Mink  which means no animal hairs or human hairs were used in the process of creating them. We are an animal friendly Company at Amour Rose Boutique.


Starting at $29.99 USD

We personally Design Customized Rose Mirrors.      We have custom designed with many different colors and styles. We custom design your mirror the desired color and style that you request . Price varies & is dependent on the size of the mirror.


 Starting at $8.99

We carry many great Skincare Products on our Amour Skin line. We use 100% all natural Organic, and Halal ingredients in all of our skincare products. We currently carry sugar scrubs, face masks, and body butters. We hope to further expand out skincare line in the near future!


Starting at $17.99

 We now carry Authentic Traditional African Waist beads in 6 unique styles. Our waist beads are hand-made & imported from West Africa. African waist beads are exotic body beads that hold historic traditions & make a modern-day fashion statement. 


Starting at $4.99

We carry 100% Organic Lip gloss that is free of carcinogens and other harsh chemicals. Even if you do not purchase Amour Rose Boutique's lip gloss we urge you to check your lip gloss labels & Ingredients for your own health and well-being. Products such as TKB and Versagel contain harsh chemicals such as Styrene Copolymer. There is potential for Styrene copolymer to be contaminated with styrene which is a possible carcinogen. A Carcinogen is a substance capable of causing cancer. At Amour Rose Boutique We use Organic Beeswax as our lip gloss base. We combine our melted Beeswax with organic oils such as jojoba oil & vitamin e oil to hand craft our lip glosses. We also personally dry out fresh roses to infuse into our lip glosses.


Starting at $5.99

We Sell 100% organic Candles in 4 different scents! We use Organic candle wicks as well as Organic Soy Wax in crafting our Organic Candles. Our Candles come in uniquely designed containers with a matching cover to them. Did you know that many store bought candles contain harsh chemicals and paraffin's? Remember to check your candle labels before purchasing them & don't forget to shop our non-toxic, environmentally friendly & Paraffin free candles!


Starting at $9.99

Our hijabs are hand sewn and personally designed by Fanta who is both the Boutique owner & Fashion Designer. We currently carry hijabs in 4 different colors. We plan to expand our hijab styles and designs in the near future. Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, fabric stores are deemed non-essential businesses so unfortunately we are currently unable to personally select unique  fabrics for hijabs. 


Starting at $4.99

Our all- Natural Hand Sanitizer is hand made with Organic & all-natural Ingredients. We use fresh Aloe plants & Organic essential oils & 91% isopropyl rubbing alcohol. to hand craft our Hand sanitizer. The Two scents we currently carry are Vanilla, and Tea Tree oil. Tea tree oil is an antimicrobial & antiseptic (meaning it is a substance that can prevent the growth of disease-causing microorganisms). The sizes we carry in Hand sanitizer are 2oz & 8 oz. We have 4 oz size coming soon.


We currently Have many unique & Fashionable clothing items available ,as well as Onsie Pajama's !


We currently carry, full body length dresses as well as unique hijabs for the Modest dressing ladies!